„Broken Glass Nails“ sind DER neueste Nagel-Trend

Dieser Nagel-Trend ist so scharf, dass wir uns beinahe daran schneiden könnten: Die Rede ist von den „Broken Glass Nails“.
Natürlich wird uns dabei kein ECHTES Glas auf die Nägel geklebt, sondern kleine Splitter aus Cellophan, die so angeordnet werden, dass sie das Licht in verschiedenen Farben reflektieren und damit diesen superkrassen Diskokugel-Effekt erzeugen.

Wir finden’s supercool und haben by the way schon einen Termin bei der Maniküre… 

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Faceted iridescent jewel nails Can't get enough of these jewel nails! Inspired by @nail_unistella's diamond glass nails, which has 9 facets. I simplified mine to 7 facets, reminiscent of @chalkboardnails' Precious Gems. I won't lie, these nails take time. To start off, I needed the exact outline of my nails for the facets. After taping washi tape to each nail, I traced the nail onto the tape. Then I transferred the tapes to my working surface and traced the outlines onto a piece of paper. When I had all 5 digits, I made each nail smaller, shrinking it about 2mm (1/8") inwards on all sides. This is so the facets sit just within the nail, but not right at the edge. Next, I drew facets into each nail outline, starting with the middle facet. With the 'blueprint' done, I placed the iridescent cellophane over the drawn nail facets, and used an Exacto to scratch the facets and nail outline onto the cellophane. I used an Exacto instead of a pen so the lines wouldn't show up on the nail art. Edward Scissorhands time. As I snipped out each facet, I placed it on my working surface according to its position, like a jigsaw. Naturally, working near an open window or fan will make you 😖😢😱 #facepalm, so plan accordingly. Now to attaching the shimmery goodness to your nails. I used gel polish for these, starting with a thin layer of powder pink as the background. You can just see it in the middle facet of my pinky, 😥 as I had mysteriously shed the iridescent cellophane during an aggressive shopping trip. Working one nail at a time, I painted a clear gel over the previously cured pink gel. Using tweezers or a wax pencil, I placed each facet in its position on the corresponding nail on the tacky gel, and cured it. Then another coat of gel and cure to seal it in. Repeat on all digits. If there are facet pieces poking through the polish, you could snip these off or paint on more gel and cure. Bonus, the iridescence gets more 💎 brilliant as the thicker layer of polish acts like a magnifying glass. Enjoy your own personal 💖🌈 shiny jewels! Prompts: Honor nails you love for #31DC2015

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